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Support #3321 - Synergy client stops working after logout

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3 Aug 2012 10:58
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18 Nov 2012 15:45
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  • Related to: Bug #3394 - W7-64 server locked with no way to log back in.
  • Duplicates: Feature #3417 - Improve elevation handling tactic by running 2 processes

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run Windows XP SP3
  2. Install Synergy 1.4.10
  3. Run synergy as a client
  4. Connect to synergy server
  5. Select LogOut on client machine

Expected: Synergy client stays connected to the server, Keyboard & Mouse works in login screen.

Actual: LCARS console exploded

Versions and operating systems:

1.4.10 on Windows XP SP3

Temporary workarounds:

Revert back to 1.4.9 where it works

Additional comments:

It works with the 1.4.9 version.


25 Sep 2012 08:54: Gabriel Rossetti wrote a comment.

Hi, I am having the same issue, I just upgraded to 1.4.10. The server is Ubuntu Linux 12.04 and the client is WinXP. When the XP machine is locked or nobody has logged in yet, I am unable to move the mouse to it. I have to use the mouse and keyboard plugged into it. Once I have logged in/unlocked it, it works as expected. I checked the settings in case something changed upon upgrading it and everything looks ok. "Start Synergy after logging in" is unchecked, "Automatically start/stop the server/client" is checked, "Hide when server/client starts" is checked and it is running as a service.

Also, I can no longer send Ctrl+Alt+Del to the client machine, this used to work fine.

Thank you, Gabriel


25 Sep 2012 09:08: Gabriel Rossetti wrote a comment.

I confirm that downgrading to 1.4.9 works, I can send Ctrl+Alt+Del to the client again and when the screen is locked/not logged in yet the mouse can move to the client machine and the keyboard works too.

18 Nov 2012 15:45: Nick Bolton changed Status.

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