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Feature #3154 - Lock both screens when Win+L is pressed

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9 Apr 2012 16:00
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25 Jul 2012 01:32
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Problem: Currently users need to lock all screens individually, which can be a pain when there are several screens to lock.

Solution: Allow the user to press Win+L once to lock all screens.


2 May 2012 14:42: Bo Jordan wrote a comment.

On a Windows 7/2008 synergy client, I can't get Win+L to lock the screen at all. Enabling SAS group policy does allow CTRL+ALT+DEL to function, but Win+L still appears to be blocked. Other Windows key combinations function as expected (Win+Arrows to move windows, Win+Tab, Win+R, etc.). Generating Super+L via a Synergy keystroke mapping also fails to function.

How to configure/enable this functionality might be useful when implementing this feature.

12 Jun 2012 03:57: Nick Bolton changed Target.

1.4.9 1.4.10


23 Jul 2012 17:21: Jason Tetterton wrote a comment.

Looking forward to this fix! I've got three workstations linked up and locking all three to step away from my desk for 2 minutes is a pain. God only knows what my coworkers would do if I left them unlocked...


25 Jul 2012 01:32: Nick Bolton changed Target.

1.4.10 1.4.11


28 Aug 2012 18:23: Roby Brisson wrote a comment.

Add my vote, if my Windows + Mac screens could lock on Win+L that would be great. I just switched to Synergy from Input Director because I added a Mac and miss this feature.


3 Sep 2012 13:08: Jean-Cyril Poiraud wrote a comment.

I need this too. thanks


4 Sep 2012 14:28: Thomas Juberg wrote a comment.

You really should be allowed to specify a key combination to send to each attached client on a specified key combination. I.e configuring so that a Windows server sending CTRL + ALT + L to Client a running Gnome, CTRL + ALT + DEL to client b running XFCE, SHIFT + COMMAND + L to my Mac client etc.


13 Sep 2012 07:51: Teemu Ikonen wrote a comment.

I vote for this too! I'm working daily with multiple Linux-screens and it'd be awesome to lock all screens with a single keystroke combination, such as CTRL + ALT + L.


26 Oct 2012 20:09: Jesse McCall wrote a comment.

I vote for this as well. I can't believe it's not included! So far, that's my only complaint with Synergy. Other than that, I love the program!


25 Jan 2013 20:40: Ben Johns wrote a comment.

Yes, please :)


29 Jan 2013 19:53: Alan Williams wrote a comment.



14 Feb 2013 21:49: Keith Wire wrote a comment.

This would be an awesome feature if it would work between OS's. I use synergy with Mac and Ubuntu.


17 Apr 2013 21:53: Dimitris Valilis wrote a comment.

well this feature would be truelly awsome :)


18 Apr 2013 18:52: Luis Placid wrote a comment.

Is this feature still even being worked on? I just noticed that there is still no Win+L functionality on client machines. (Super+l,) does nothing neither does (Meta+l,)... I really wish this feature existed, only downfall against InputDirector.


22 Apr 2013 22:33: Henry Tung wrote a comment.

I wonder if this feature has anything to do with UIAccess... will test when I get back to the apt today. If so, it just might have a fix. (Note: if it's UIAccess, I don't think keystroke aliases will work - the problem with UIAccess isn't that Synergy is reproducing the wrong keystroke combo on the client, but that Windows doesn't permit the keystroke combo to actually have the desired effect, due to permissions restrictions. This is what happens to a more severe degree on Windows 8, where even Alt-Tab doesn't work since the Alt-Tab UI is built as part of the new Metro/Modern UI system, which seems to only permit input from UIAccess-enabled processes.)


23 Apr 2013 00:39: Henry Tung wrote a comment.

Never mind, doesn't go through. Looks like something else blocks the keystroke combo


21 May 2013 19:46: tealc36 . wrote a comment.

I found a functional workaround with the use of AutoHotkey (I know this is not ideal however it gets the job done)

The following is the script I use

Sleep 1500
run rundll32.exe user32.dll`,LockWorkStation

one problem with it however is that it requires you to use Windows+L on the client computer. (if you don't have focus on it only the server will lock)


21 May 2013 19:50: tealc36 . wrote a comment.

Appologies for the second comment.

*You can still use

keystroke(control+alt+l) = ;keystroke(super+L,*)

to lock the remote computers! (Unfortunately I can't seem to lock the host with this)


1 Jun 2013 00:12: Dhiren Parbhoo wrote a comment.

Put my vote in.


13 Jun 2013 22:21: Leighton Duffin wrote a comment.

I'm trying to use the keystroke command tealc36 mentions but I'm getting the error:

synergys.exe: unrecognized option Files/Synergy/WorkConfig.sgc' Trysynergys.exe --help' for more information.

Here is the exact text of my .sgc file:

section: screens LDUFFIN01: halfDuplexCapsLock = false halfDuplexNumLock = false halfDuplexScrollLock = false xtestIsXineramaUnaware = false switchCorners = none switchCornerSize = 0 LDUFFIN: halfDuplexCapsLock = false halfDuplexNumLock = false halfDuplexScrollLock = false xtestIsXineramaUnaware = false switchCorners = none switchCornerSize = 0 end

section: aliases end

section: links LDUFFIN01: right = LDUFFIN LDUFFIN: left = LDUFFIN01 end

section: options relativeMouseMoves = false screenSaverSync = true win32KeepForeground = false switchCorners = none switchCornerSize = 0


Any suggestions?


25 Jul 2013 18:53: John Brown wrote a comment.

+1. either allow the native Win+L to work or even better let Win+L or Alt+Ctrl+L work for all.


2 Aug 2013 10:00: Karan Khanna wrote a comment.

Even autohotkey fix doesn't work for me. The client screen gets locked but when I try to move the mouse pointer, it leaves the server and but doesn't enter client screen. I've tried running as administrator as well.

BTW, when I use the standard windows menu to lock, it does work. Can someone help?


12 Aug 2013 16:33: Thomas Spear wrote a comment.

I would like to see a way to configure key mappings since I have a Windows server and Linux client. Also, since an Android client will be coming at some point before this is worked on, we should also send a power button short press event to the Android clients that are connected (powering off the screen, not the phone, in order to lock the phone).


5 Sep 2013 08:57: Reinder Feenstra wrote a comment.

What about unlocking? t would be great when you unlock the master all slaves wll unlock to if possible.


30 Sep 2013 10:32: Joar Jegleim wrote a comment.

I kind of worked around this by : 1. on my win7 client I setup a 'lock screen' shortcut on my desktop as described in 2. I rightclicked that lock screen desktop shortcut and mapped it to 'ctrl+alt+l' 3. I setup a hotkey in synergy server so that 'ctrl+alt+k' would send 'ctrl+alt+l' to the win7 client

My setup is ubuntu as my main machine and I've got a win7 box as a synergy client. To lock both my Ubuntu and win7 machines i have to press 'ctrl+alt+k' AND 'ctrl+alt+l' ( the latter locks my ubuntu) .

My initial goal was to have both computers locked when I pressed ctrl+alt+l , but using that as a hotkey my ubuntu wouldn't lock, I tried a couple things with no luck, so a resigned to using 'ctrl+alt+k' AND 'ctrl+alt+l' which is ok by me anyway.


25 Mar 2014 16:18: Jeffrey Botts wrote a comment.

I would like to vote for this too.


25 Mar 2014 16:48: Tyler Brown wrote a comment.

$20 donation coming from me once this feature is working on both windows and mac connected computers.


3 Apr 2014 19:27: Frank Angelone wrote a comment.

I am all in favor of this feature, too. Any status on the progress?


6 May 2014 18:44: Hooman M wrote a comment.

Another workaround: you can create a .vbs file call it LockScreen.vbs and paste the following:

On Error Resume Next

Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")

objShell.Run "%%windir%%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation"

Then create a shortcut of LockScreen.vbs and assign a shortcut key to it (It has to be something other than Win+L). Place it either on your desktop or All Programs in StartMenu.


6 May 2014 18:49: Hooman M wrote a comment.


28 May 2014 20:21: Randy Ginther wrote a comment.

I see in the server configuration where you can set hot keys, but how do you mind it to an application or action?


5 Sep 2014 12:36: Thomas Desodt wrote a comment.

I also use autohotkey as a workaround.

I created a simple autohotkey script that i run on all my machines (I only use Windows 7), and that gets activated when ctrl-win-alt-l is called. This script only contains one line:


I then added this line in my synergy config:

keystroke(Control+Alt+l) = keystroke(control+super+alt+l,*)

Then, when I press control-alt-l, the other key combination is sent to all my machines, autohotkey picks it up on each of them, and they all lock.

Would be nice to have a way to unlock them all in one go as well, but that's another story!