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Feature #105 - Possibility to allow client computer to control server

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1 Jul 2009
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13 Jan 2011 16:53
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Google user: ristomatti.airo

What is the expected output?
I would like to see an option on the server to allow also clients control
the server keyboard/mouse.

Please provide any additional information below.
This could give at least two benefits:
1) It would be possible to use for for example two mice without having to
break client computers possibility to work independently when not connected
to the server. I for example occasionally use mouse in both hand sides to
reduce strain on one hand.

2) Team work possibilities, if it there was an extra option to leave the
mouse/input on the previously controlled computers screen so that work on
that computer with it's own input devices could continue.


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Google user: ristomatti.airo

I didn't find an option to set the issue type to enhancement, I guess the moderators
choose in which category the issue report goes if it's accepted? This comment can be
removed after the type is changed. :)

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Thanks for the idea. I'm not entirely sure this fits into our specification, since I
imagine we would need to have a P2P architecture to support this formally (if the
client could control the server, then it would make little sense to have just one
server), so maybe we could implement this, but certainly wouldn't be any time
soon... Perhaps milestone M3 (even though its not a GUI change).

However, if this receives a lot of stars, and proves to be a more popular than I
anticipated, then I think it would be suitable for M2.


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14 Dec 2010 12:47: J W wrote a comment.

Seconding this. I would find it very useful.

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