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Nick Bolton
Project Leader

Chris Schoeneman
Author of Synergy

Richard Lee
Author of CosmoSynergy

Adam Feder
Author of CosmoSynergy

Xinyu Hou
Software Engineer

Community Support

Sorin Sbârnea
Synergy+ founder

Ryan Breen
Initial Mac OS X port

Guido Poschta
First Windows installer

Bertrand Landry Hetu
Mac OS X contributor

Tom Chadwick
X server contributor

Brent Priddy
Networking contributor


The first incarnation of Synergy was CosmoSynergy, created by Richard Lee and Adam Feder then at Cosmo Software, Inc. (of Silicon Valley), a subsidiary of SGI (née Silicon Graphics, Inc.), at the end of 1996. They wrote it, and Chris Schoeneman contributed, to solve a problem: most of the engineers in Cosmo Software had both an Irix and a Windows box on their desks and switchboxes were expensive and annoying. CosmoSynergy was a great success but Cosmo Software declined to productize it and the company was later closed. Synergy is a from-scratch reimplementation of CosmoSynergy. It provides most of the features of the original and adds a few improvements.

The Synergy+ fork project was started in 2009 by Sorin Sbârnea for the purpose of fixing bugs inherited from the original version. As of 6 June 2010, Synergy had not been updated for 4 years (since 2 April 2006). Nick Bolton joined the Synergy+ project in 2009 and lead the re-integration of Synergy+ back into the original Synergy project. Nick is now the project leader and primary software engineer responsible for all development (bug fixes, new features, project management, etc).