Har du problem med Synergy? Då har du hamnat rätt!


Please read our user guide or FAQ before reading any further.

Senaste versionen

Your problem may have been solved in the latest version. Please visit the downloads page and try the latest version (even if it's a beta). You might also want to try the nightly builds, but please do so with caution as these versions may be completely unreliable.

Video tutorials

Tutorial videos are available on YouTube, recorded by users in the Synergy community. Some may be outdated as we release new versions.


The search page searches Super User, the issue tracker, the wiki and the mailing lists.


Use the mailing list to discuss your issue with a large community of Synergy users.


Super User is a question and answer style discussion website, with a number of active Synergy users. Super User is not dedicated to supporting Synergy and we do not monitor this website. Check out the synergy tag for questions about Synergy.

Frågor och svar

You can ask a question on our Q&A website. Read the FAQ to make sure your question does not get closed.


You can join our IRC channel: #synergy on irc.freenode.net:8001


If you've read this far, you must be really stuck! We suggest the options above to encourage our community to grow (but it doesn't work for everyone). Please contact our helpdesk if this is you: helpdesk@synergy-project.org

Synergy Basic: The basic edition of Synergy, suitable for home users or technology enthusiasts.

Synergy Pro: Ideal for business use, this edition of Synergy comes with integrated SSL encryption to protect passwords and other sensitive data between your computers, keeping your network safe and secure.