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A personal message from Nick

To accelerate the development of Synergy (improvements and features), we are now charging a small fee for the Synergy download. In the past, only 0.002% of users chose to donate, which was too little to support our team.

If you have questions about this, please check out the purchase FAQ below. Thanks for your understanding. We hope you decide to purchase Synergy and support the development of open source software. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Nick Bolton
Project Leader
The Synergy Project

Purchase Synergy

Single user or small team

(request a quote for over 5 users)
$10.00 USD (lifetime access)
(instant download)

Reseller or large team

Request a quote (if you're a reseller, or you're buying for more than 5 users)

Purchase FAQ

We wrote this FAQ to help people make their decision about buying Synergy. Please let us know if we missed anything.

What if I can't get it to work?

We're here for you! Just send an email to our helpdesk (details in your account after purchasing) and we'll help you at no extra cost. If in the unlikely case that we can't solve your problem, we're always more than happy to give you a full refund.

What is new in the latest version?

Please check the ChangeLog to see the latest version number and what's new. We're constantly fixing bugs and adding new features. We try to release a new version every 4 to 6 weeks.

Isn't open source software supposed to be... free?

There's a really famous slogan by Richard Stallman which goes like this: "Think free as in free speech, not free beer." The Free Software Foundation wrote an article about this called Selling Free Software.

Can I download Synergy without paying?

Yes, you can download the source code from our project's GitHub account and compile it yourself.

I donated in the past, do I get access?

Yes, people who have donated can simply log in to access the Synergy download page.

Will I need to activate the software online?

No, and you will not need an internet connection to use Synergy.

Is there a trial version available?

No, sadly we're not allowed to offer a trial version because the GPL stops us from restricting your freedom like that. If you purchase and it doesn't work for you, we're happy to give you a refund.

Will it work on my operating system?

Yes, most likely, we support the latest versions of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. If you have any problems getting it to work, we'll help you.

Do the computers need to be on the same network?

Yes, your computers need to be on the same LAN or WiFi network.

Are there any usage or time restrictions?

No, Synergy is GPL software, so users are not restricted.

Will I need to buy again for every new version?

No, you won't need to keep buying. Users who sign up now will be given lifetime access to all future versions.

This doesn't answer all my questions, can I email you?

Yes, please email Nick if you have any questions: nick@synergy-project.org