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That's me on the right, my name is Nick and I'm the Project Leader of Synergy. I'm always thinking of ways to help push our project forward. Its quite easy to download Synergy without donating, I'll admit, but I personally guarantee that by donating you will keep our project's health in great shape. Not only will we love you for donating to our project, but real money will help us fund further development, which means faster bug fixes and shiny new features.

We have proven that donations are the best way to get results and ensure the safety of the Synergy project. The only way to save our users from a commercial pricing model, is to allow the generous few to donate. This way we achieve our primary goal, which is to get Synergy on as many computers as is humanly possible.

The benefits of donating are intangible, but its something bigger than gaining a material possession. You will help to make Synergy the fastest adopted software which is available for free. How can you put a price on something so valuable? Now is your opportunity to give us the power to grow without having the barrier of a sale. The secret to making good ideas spread to make the solution easily available to everyone!

Why should you choose the option to the left and donate? Because you're saying "Yes!" to what we want to do!

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Nick Bolton
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The Synergy Project


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